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How Do You Qualify for Term Loans?

1+ Year in Business

Assets or Collateral

Lowest Rates, Longest Terms, & Highest Amounts

Funding Amount

Up to $100MM


Up to 25 years

Time to Fund

1 to 7 days

Types of Term Loans

Short-Term Loans
Short-term loans have expedited repayment periods between 6 and 18 months. These are best for situations where you’ll see a near-immediate ROI from your financing, like purchasing the upfront costs needed for a project or picking up bulk inventory for a holiday season.
Intermediate-Term Loans
Intermediate repayment falls between 1 to 3 years. It’s essentially a middle ground for entrepreneurs who don’t need short or long-term financing.
Long-Term Loans
Entrepreneurs select longer repayment periods to lower their monthly payments and spread out the borrowed amount for as long as possible. Although you’ll pay more in interest payments, opting for longer repayment periods is a way to preserve your cash flow.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A term loan is a specific amount of money lent to a borrower by a lender, with repayment scheduled over a predetermined period. The loan begins with a start date when the funds are deposited into the borrower’s business bank account, and it concludes on an end date once all principal and interest have been paid off.

Borrowers may have the option to repay the loan before the term ends, potentially lowering their overall cost of capital, depending on the lender’s terms. Term loans are commonly used for various business purposes such as inventory purchases, business expansions, renovations, working capital, and more.

There’s essentially no difference: Term loans are a type of financing where the borrower makes regular payments toward the principal and interest over a specified period.

Other types of financing, like revenue-based financing, offer a lump sum of capital similar to term loans. However, they typically feature shorter repayment periods and approval criteria based on profitability rather than traditional credit metrics.

All term loans have the following characteristics in common:

  • Lump sum payment
  • Consistent repayment schedule
  • Established start and end dates
  • No equity transactions
  • Potential to save on the cost of capital with early repayment
  • Late payments/defaults damage your business’s creditworthiness and credibility with the lender

If you’re looking for a straightforward financing method, you should explore term lending and the options available to you.

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